Sunday, January 11, 2009

Welcome to my blog Jason-mindbender

Welcome to my blog: Jason-mindbender. I have an interest in both technical and metaphysical topics. I am well versed in physics and mathematics with two bachelors degrees, one in physics and the other in electronics. While trying to understand the great mystery of life, I’ve studied quantum mechanics and some string theory. Philosophically, I am drawn to Theosophy.

Long has the war raged between the cold exacting nature of mathematics and the richness and magic of the mystical experience. I grew up with psychic and paranormal experiences which inspired me to want to know how the universe really worked. As it turns out, the predictive ability of physics is infallible down to the Heisenberg Uncertainty principle (∆x ∆p < h); finer measurements are not predictable and are considered random. I have begun to suspect that the ultimate physical reality has a mathematically structured skeleton with a “manifestation pathway” from a shadowy dimension of simultaneous possibilities to the final solid physical reality we experience.

I hope to share with you many stimulating technical, and possibly political, conversations intermixed with episodes of bizarre creativity.