Thursday, March 5, 2009

How to find higher dimensions

The Flatlanders are complaining about all these wierd ideas about 3 dimensions of space. They want proof. So I think I'm going to tell them this:

The speed of light and all particle interactions dependent upon photons (E&M) are confined to their 2 dimensional plane. But gravity is caused by higher dimensional processes. They need to figure out some mathematical model or phenomena that includes both. They need to test it under two conditions. First, they need to test it in normal flat paper space. Second, they need to test this mathematical model or phenomena in wrinkled space. They need to find some place in their paper universe where it's wrinkled. When they compare the differences between the two either mathematical descriptions or phenoma, then they'll have to figure out what changed. That is the first step to find higher dimensions.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Underministic nature of consciousness

In my journey to explore UFO physics, I have set brain function and consciousness aside because the physical universe has been operating since before there were any observers (biological or otherwise). Personally, it would give me great joy to find a proof that consciousness has always existed or is a necessary ingredient to physics; it is something that I suspect but can't definitively prove. But the problem with starting with that assumption is that it opens the door to unlimited creativity which is good for happiness and fulfillment, but is bad for building mathematical physics models that require limitations and strict definitions to isolate mechanisms. I suspect that if consciousness exists independent of the brain (I believe it does), then it interacts with our physical universe through many different mechanisms, not just one isolatable mechanism. This would explain why skeptics always poo-poo metaphysical research; not because it doesn't exist, but because the interactions with the ion pumps (nerve cells, brain tissue)in people's brains cannot be isolated down to a single mechanistic event. Psychic flashes, when they really do occur, involve entire sections and networks in the brain. You can't just look at one firing nerve and find mathematical proof. Through all of our physical measurements and experimentation, which are like a common human scientific experience of repeatable events, we begin to see pieces of a larger objective reality. But if the larger objective reality includes biologically independent consciousness, then mathematics and logic may be the wrong approach. Physicists start with the assumption that everything in the objective physical reality is deterministic. But consciousness, whether or not it is independent of biological existence, is prone to un-repeatability.


I can always isolate a mechanism if I am willing to restrict the definition and its conditions.

In contrast,
I can always escape the limitations of my circumstances if I am willing to re-examine my definitions and apply alternative methods.

But without the ability to steer my thoughts, I will either crash upon the embankment of narrow-mindedness, or splash and sink into an ocean of ambiguity and nonsense.