Friday, April 17, 2009

Physics reduces to platonic absolutes

I am noticing an enigma/contradiction within the P.Q.model. Particles are considered "disturbances" within the "field"; they are also considered to be oscillations within the potential energy (4th dimension). But what is enigmatic is that particles and their associated charges are what create the potential energy of the scalar 4th dimension. The enigma is that the particle (disturbance in the potential energy) is creating the potential energy.I was playing with the idea that every particle in a system (the universe) has a tangible relationship or connection with every other particle in the system. The idea was to create a relativistic frame in which only the particles exist and the laws of physics are defined for each pair of particles by unknown (to be determined) processes. The idea was to dualistically either (a) overlook the particles and allow the "connections" to become the space (complete with defined laws of physics) or (b) overlook the space and just see the relationship between pairs of particles (the way physics is described now). I haven't thought it through completely. Much to my liking, I leave a backdoor in this model for the Creator to alter the laws of physics locally through the "connections" between the particles. Given the more than infinite number of connections between particle pairs, the overlap could appear as a potential energy scalar field.The other interesting quality of this model is that the connections between particle pairs can be defined/programmed as "no interaction". I can have particles of group A with interacting laws of physics. I can have particles of Group B with interacting connections (laws of physics); and I can say that the connections between particles in A to particles in B are either "non interacting", "restricted/weakly interacting", even "interact a clusters of A to single particles of B". The particles would exist in an ocean of "connections"; the "connections" are push/pull with respect to each other. Given the infinite number of these connections, they could be perceived as an ocean of potential energy. Since particle pairs can spring up or annhilate, then "connection" creation/collapse can occur. The "connections" are (a) the laws of physics, (b) space itself and (c) lines whose endpoints are the particles.So, do you think I'm taking too many conceptual/hypothetical liberties?

Within a "Connection Theory", if I take 4 particles: A,B,C and D, then I can define the connections:AB,AC,AD,BC,BD and CD. I've already suggested that these connections are programmable. But for a given connection, I can define (a) a separation 'd' (b) a force between the two particles as F = +/-(strength)/r^(1 to n dimensions). (c) a velocity of affect of endpoint A to endpoint B. (d) cluster rules.To meet a physics format, I have to boil down the rules into something more mathematical. I'm workin' on it.

Connection theory rules1. "Appear"; Redefine relationship pair (distance d,Force F, endpoint affect velocity).2. "Vanish" collapse pair by annhilation.3. "Add to cluster"; 4. "Subtract from cluster"Since a particle A has as many connections as N-1 for N particles in a system, there are N-1 relationships to be determined; which is probably a good reason to simplify with well established set of particles.

I hate to spend physics credibility for vision, but here is what I see. These "connections" between particles can obey Least Action rules and reproduce the physical universe as physicists known and love. But there are other connection rules that are beyond linear space and time, they are part of the deepest mystery. The mechanisms take much longer to occur, but the effects are much broader than just one or two particles. There are connection rules for clusters (clusters are large macroscopic objects that can approximate platonic absolutes). It kills me to have to spend credibility on this but this is an important piece to the puzzle.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Objective versus Subjective Reality

When you said that duplicate copies in multidimensions require their own energy (E=mc2); I agree, it only has one rest mass energy. But it makes me think of chess where each chess piece can guard multiple squares (almost like eigenstates). The weighted probabilites are dependent upon potential energy distribution. And then, the particle moves into an eigenstate. Instead of treating the wave as a particle moving from the future, what if we imagine that the wave exists in a "complex space" (not physically/directly measureable) while the automated universe (God/your choice) decides which eigenstate will be chosen.The chess metaphor does imply the possibility of strategy and potentially intelligence. I notice that the universe sometimes behaves this way. Events (which I admit are not exactly quantum systems) seem to unfold this way. Athiests/agnostics have their eigenvalues chosen with dice. Spiritual people (especially those asking for help) seem to experience a more helpful flow of events. Can events/situations actually be compared to quantum systems?Can QM be compared to chess?

On the QM/chess analogy: You caught me! I'm busted. It does open itself up to "intelligence". It's my personal opinion that this is where physics takes a wrong turn in its journey to be the theory of everything. It will be the journey of almost everything until it can understand how the remaining pieces fit including the three letter word piece. Perhaps another few hundred years. I think the conservation laws will still work with these pieces. God is infinite, but our ability to work with God/understand and not argue is very limited. So limited amounds of (something having to do with the body of Christ as a "spiritual/psychic substance") will only do (or have the potential to do) as much as it can before it's orderliness is consumed by entropy. In my opinion, this is the missing piece.

The humongous stumbling block of mathematical physics is that, to be really good at it, you have to be an athiest or an agnostic. But that is what blocks the final piece of the puzzle. In Holy Communion, when the priest says,"eat of the body of Christ", he's not talking about living cells. He's referring to a spiritual/psychic substance that is maximally charged with "orderliness"; it will bring order to an entropically described system in a way that overrides the randomness (something like Gibb's free energy). However, it is a substance intimately related to consciousness. The neurobiologists who think that they understand how the brain functions will be impacted the most by this.

I do want to thank you for being thoughtful in your reply. I have encountered hostility from intellectuals to such a degree, I thought it was the norm.We can agree to disagree, that's fine. I was actually presenting ideas I discovered in Theosophy. Monothesim comes in two varieties, a personal God (Christianity, Judaism) and an impersonal God (Theosophy, Buhdism). At some perceived risk, I approached God from both points of view (hoping not to run afoul). My experience has been that a sacred worship of God begets a very tolerant God and a discovery of very exciting inner teachings.It was my intent to show that physics does not have to imply the absense of either a "real" God, spirituality or the paranormal. With (1) quantum mechanic eigenstates that are chosen randomly (it appears) and receptors in the brain (receptor theory) that are driven by organic molecules, physics has not successfully rid the universe of a spiritual underpinning. As a Theosophist, and as someone who has asked the "Powers that be" many times, I have never found an angry Christian diety nor any hellfire damnation with which to keep the congregation from straying. I have only found, over and over again, a benign power that has answered my request for help, my thirst for knowledge and my need for healing. You will forgive me if I reject the Theory of Everything because the physics relies too heavily on randomness and dice to be able to keep out unknown influences. But as a theory of almost everything, it is really quite good.

John Merryman wrote on Apr. 10, 2009 @ 18:18 GMT
Lawrence,Math does tend toward its own deification of platonic ideals. The forms of group religious models which tend towards being intellectually constrictive are similarly reductionistic.Jason,Scientists get emotional about religion. I wouldn't describe myself as pro, or anti religious, because thought is inherently reductionistic, while reality is wholistic. So whatever model we chose to model reality, from the most devout religions, to the most disciplined sciences, the result is like holding water with a sieve. Some participants of this discussion might disagree, but that's because they are viewing it from the point of view of science, which is to analyze physical reality, as opposed to organized religion, which is to cohere a social unity. Personally my view of god is that it is implacable in both creation and destruction, but I try not wasting time worrying over what I have no control over. This is, to me, an informed atheism(not anti-theism), because anything truly absolute is beyond relative desire.

The implacable creative of destructive nature of God is readily apparent. And as the little creatures of His creation, we may seek to emulate those powers. We are really quite good at breaking things and destructon,in general. Creation is a much more difficult ability to master. Placing every atom, just right, takes an enormous amount of information; that's even before we get into forces that we don't know about yet. Somewhere in the universe, there are creative forces of nature. The known four forces are very simplistic in their ability to obey the complicated steps in rearranging matter; but they can hold the final "construction" together quite readily. We need to look for the "creative" force that commands the other four forces; it will have it's symmetric to entropy (thermodyanics). It is the force that will obey its informational directives, the way ribosomes obey the DNA strands to construct proteins. But this is a force of nature, a fifth force. What is missing from the mathematical physics that it cannot predict its existence?

As mathematical physics has accounted for all of the Laws of Nature it can find, a bottom up picture where the atoms create the information, but are not directed by it, is the most reasonable conclusion in terms of the creation of the universe. The Creator has better things to do than to waste his power and knowldedge moving atoms around. I am sure that he automates it. But what happens when the really interesting creative environments appear? Methane gas on planets that can support a rich chemistry might be a good place to create life. In fact, I don't know if "water" is the true lifegiver. Personally, I think we should be looking for chemically dynamic environments. I've wondered if Venus might be chemically dynamic enough? By dynamic chemistry, I'm referring to the possibility of cyclical chemical reaction steps (for example, the Kreb cycle). I'm not saying that there is anything like that on Venus, I'm just looking for places where cyclical chemical reactions might be occuring. I still believe there is a creative "Fifth Force" that commands the other four forces. The terminology is a bit dramatic. However, it gave me the following idea.Are we allowed to describe a "Ribosomal" Field (borrowing from the idea of cellular ribosomes). This R-field consists of a scalar potential energy field for each of the four forces; after all, it's going to command those other four forces by manipulating their potential energy at the quantum level. Lets simplify the R-field and say that only commands the strong force. Anyway, the R-field will respond to chunks of information, each of which is like a letter in an alphabet. But the R-field will process information in a conservational way. It will process the information chunk in ways that obey the conservation of energy. Furthermore, it will expend a minimal amount of change in entropy to produce the result. Anyway, I'm still playing with the idea.

It's not like "magical thinking" hasn't been beneficial to science historically, so here goes.Let's start with quantum field theory. are mediated by bosons acting as virtual particles, which means that the four forces emerge out of processes that are hidden by the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle (as if that wasn't "magic"). Since I'm going to make my argument within the conservation laws, I hope you won't mind some story telling.Let's go back to a time when alchemy was alive and well. There was an alchemist who was put on the spot by the king. The king and his angry guards demanded that he change a base metal into gold or visit the dungeon. They handed him a chunk of iron ore and then, with arms crossed, watching impatiently. Now, a real alchemist is very much aware of the the conservation laws. So this is what he does, he takes the iron ore between his palms and begins to exercise his knowledge and power over the forces of nature. He begins to generate a quantum field, a virtual field, between his palms. Now, fortunately for the alchemist, he has a magic ring that will help him since his heart is pounding and he can't concentrate, anyway. But, he knows how the magic works. There are mysterious forces within this virtual field; they act like templates. They will obey the conservation laws as best they can; and they will transmute one thing into another, according to a reaction (like a chemical reaction). In this case, the transmutation is nuclear or a quantum reaction. In this instance, the template, which works like a potential energy disturbance, will take 3 iron atoms, some additional neutrons, some kinetic energy (since a decrease in entropy isn't helping), and it will convert it into one gold atom, and some other byproducts. Now this reaction doesn't occur naturally, but using a virtual field, some occult power stored in the ring, and a sincere prayer to a compassionate God, the reaction is driven forward. While the iron was only partially transformed, and the rest of the energy came from the glucose in his now shriveled pinky, the king and the guards were impressed and the alchemist came to no harm. While quantum mechanics had not been invented yet, there were already those who had mastered its arts. Eventually, Heisenberg would reveal that the physical, classical deterministic world sits upon an ocean of mystery. And with this story, I would argue that physics will have to do a better job to rid the universe of occult magic, the divine and all the spooky stuff before it can claim to have a Theory of Everything.

We are like two-eyed fish facing opposite directions. The one eye sees the mathematics, the logic; the other eye sees consciousness, the spiritual. We have not evolved to the point of seeing the universe with both eyes looking at the same thing. If we could, we would see the iceberg.The surface of the water is the quantum mechanics, Heisenberg's ocean. Everything above it is classical, everything below it is quantum and virtual. Perhaps we are more like one-eyed fish that swim on our sides.But everything below the water line is virtual and eventually, invisible to physics. We are not fungi nor a mere collection of neurons. Anything above the waterline can be destroyed. Anything below the waterline has watery roots that descend beyond what we can see. Perhaps we are not like one-eyed fish, but more like aquatic plants that descend into the depths. Admittedly, we would be strange looking plants, one with an eye or maybe two eyes, but so much for metaphors.But QM is the waterline. What lies below it is largely unknown.

Beyond just writing awkward poetry, I was trying to make some points.1. There are really two valid ways of looking at the world; One is logically/mathematically, and the other is through "human experience" (emotionally/spiritually). 2. Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle has been used by physicists to explain how forces work (as long as everything is conserved in the long run). But this is really an indication that physicists cannot explain everything; they cannot keep out the "unknown". If that is the case, then a TOE is not possible.3. "Surface of the water" is a metaphor for QM. Anything below it is just not quantifiable or observable under repeatable laboratory circumstances. 4. This whole "physics" idea that consciousness is just a bunch a neurons and electrical impulses (which implies that life is meaningless and biological death equals permanent death) is wrong. So if you sold the soul you thought you didn't have, you may want to buy it back (ask nicely).

The surface of the water is symbolic of quantum (wave) mechanics; above is classical mechanics and below it is very mysterious. One of the reasons why I believe that "consciousness" is something more fundamental below the waterline is because consciousness emerges within an enterconnectedness, a network of sensory signals. In classical mechanics, particles are localized. In quantum mechanics, quantum entanglement and nonlocality of information become important. Below the waterline, I anticipate increasing nonlocality and entanglement. I expect it to eventually conform to an organized set of laws, probably not very recognizable. Under these conditions, I believe that information, while not localized, will transmit and process in ways similar to signals in the brain. If quantum fields can be described with quantum waves, it doesn't seem too far a leap to anticipate signal propagation and even naturally occuring signal processing. While this opinion is partially motivated by knowledge of theosophy/metaphysics and is combined with quantum mechanics, I think the idea is at least plausible. While it's speculative, can it be readily dismissed?

Everything that you say is true about our biological existence. But let us not forget that everything electrochemical is governed by electromagnetism. Electromagnetism is mediated by virtual photons whose very existence is only to conserve momentum/spin/energy. But they do so statistically. I'm afraid it's too handwavy to make the spooky things disappear. Distruction of the physical body would certainly alter consciousness, but not necessarily extinguish it permenantly. If we admit there is an objective reality that can't be measured, then science cannot collapse the impenetrable mystery

Remember, the only reason mathematical physics works at all to describe the Laws of Nature is because of conserved quantities. Mathematics came from merchants who didn't want to be cheated out of a ducat. The physical universe which was bought and paid for with so much energy applied to a physical space, something that neither physicists (nor the rest of us) understand. Space itself will manifest phenomena: for .5101MeV, you get an electron complete with 1/2spin. Of course, "space" energetically charged you for an electron-positron pair. We have yet to figure out how "space" is constructed. Physicists are ready to declare a TOE, that everything is understood, but they cannot even explain the operational principles behind "universe construction theory". Physicists will say: "hey, take some space, declare its laws, F=ma, Maxwell's equations, universal constants, etc... and whammo, we can build a universe!"I am sure that the Creator (God/aliens/your choice) is looking at us humans and our TOE and his laughing uproarously, and planning a surprise (nothing bad); probably a brain busting puzzle. "So my children want to play God, hehe." He looks closely at us and says, "Theory of Everything?" God has a sense of humor. He says, "How about a theory of 'Conserved Automation'?" He asks, "Ye physics Gods, my children whom I love, step into the ultraverse where I am, and let us create new universes together. Canst thou wield the forces of Creation? Canst thou weave the fabric of space from the living energy within thy essence? Thou art bound by the laws of conservation. Come back in a few aeons when you are ready to command such forces. We shall play God, together." God says one more thing, "make sure when you build a universe, that you use "back doors" to get back inside. The clever little creatures that you create will try to kick you out of your own universe and say it's theirs. When the time is right, I will teach you 'Quantum Universe Interfacing'."

Georgina,I believe we have agreement on the following points:1. Objective reality cannot be measured.2. Science alone cannot answer all questions.Mathematical physics has done a great job so far at quantifying the physical nature of the observable universe. If we can agree that physics will stay on its side of the measureable universe, and God/paranormal/spooky stuff will stay on its side of the objective reality, then I will quit raising this important but non scientific issue. Of course, I will have to consult with God to determine what happens next. If I get the chance, I'll ask why pertubative theory fails to bring General Relativty and QM into on mathematical structure: Subjective TOE.

But this issue/debate has made me wonder about pertubation theory which is what prevents QM and Relativity from unifying. The way I understand it, by adding a few more increasingly diminishing terms we can solve the exact solution plus anything nearby? I'd like to research online the attempted mathematics to unify the two subjects. Without being an expert, getting large space physics (GR) to unify with QM means we need a better description of "space". I'm not an expert in Hilbert space/Minkowski space, but can we define (mathematically) a background space, that is a function of scale? I don't think anybody describes space this way. You can limit it and quantify and restrict it all you like. As an awkward example, for F=maF(r); r(q) is position, where q is a scaling ratio perhaps. 'm' is the same at all scales, and a(q)...For K=1/2mv2, v(q) as well...Do you thing a real mathematical powerhouse has ever, or would ever, attack the unification problem by defining 'space' as a function of scale?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Quantum Chess/Does God play Chess?

I've been scouring quantum mechanics for years now, trying to figure out how the paranormal/metaphysics ties into it. I think I've solved it.

In quantum mechanics, a quantum system can have eigenstates. An eigenstate is one of the states that the wave-particle will eventually fall into (for laypersons wondering what a "state" is, you can be in Texas or Oklamhoma, but not both at the same time). The probabilities are determined by the potential energy distribution that the particle-wave is subjected to. Perhaps a quantum system will have a 50/50 chance of falling into either state A or state B. Einstein insisted that God does not play dice. But he created a universe that will pick one of these states at random; at least while God is not directly intervening.

Now God is All Powerful, but God also doesn't want to disturb or damage his universe by forcing what he wants. It took him six days to build the universe (which is more like 13.7billion years to us). So here is how God built the Quantum Mechanics. He used chess as a model. In chess, you and your opponents pieces are set up. To win (or get what you want), you make choices. In quantum mechanics, the pieces are particle-waves that will move to state A or state B with random chance. The universe throws dice automatically (until God wants to intervene). To avoid disrupting the game by forcing it or moving pieces illegally, God overrides the "dice" where he needs to, and makes the decision of state A or state B himself. He does this in an intelligent (divinely intelligent) way to influence the outcome of events.

Your life can be thought of as a QM system in the following way. You want something. You make choices. Choices are like the eigenstates in QM. Some choices are better than others based on logical inspection of the situation (which also makes your life like chess). If you are at the store and you make eye contact with someone, you have the choice to say hello (state A ) or say goodbye (state B). Your choice is based on both logic and emotion. Logic is always (usually) well defined; the choices are clear. Emotions are often fluid an changing; they depend upon how we feel, our beliefs, our perception of pleasure/pain (and what tactical steps will bring you there). You will choose accordingly.

If you are an athiest/agnostic (which I have been), you will choose based on logic and whatever disordered emotions you have. At the quantum mechanics level, all quantum mechanics events are chosen randomly by "dice". However, if you link your life with God, your beliefs and world view change accordingly. Also, divine powers my intervene/override the "quantum dice" on your behalf.

Situations are the interplay of decisions between you and other people (like Chess) . When trouble happens, athiests and agnostics hunker down and become very pessimistic in their outlook; they imagine worst case scenarios and become very unhappy people. They make decisions accordingly. When spiritual people have trouble, they often asks for help (often from God). So what does God do? God has options. He can manipulate the Quantum Mechanics by overriding the selection of eigenstates (which are potential thermodynamic violations). Resurrection would qualify as a violation of thermodynamics. God can also direct aid to those in need from people who are both servants of God/good and instinctively aware of the subtle signals.

Occult influences, which are manifestations of God's life force, will also act within the same restrictions of the laws of physics. This is why some people can sense and experience supernatural events and the paranormal, but skeptics will always call in random chance and think up doubts.

The life force of God is always radiating out from God to all living creatures (good/bad/non sentient). This "life force" operates with relative freedom withing sentient creatures. But it cannot violate the laws of physics in an unrestricted way. In physics, there are conservation laws including conservation of energy, momentum, charge, spin, baryon number, etc. However, the Uncertainty principle, quantum mechanics, and the probabilistic nature of thermodynamic, and the willingness of believer can allow this life force to manifest in the physical as miracles, occult phenomenon, etc. When the "event" cannot be distinguished as unusual, its benefit can be enjoyed with readily available amounts of God's "life force". The more spectacular the phenomenom or event is, the more "life force" is needed. This "life force" cannot be measured by physical means using mass/charge/length/spin/momentum/etc. Phenomena and miracles are incompatible with mathematical physics because these techniques are designed to exclude it. Therefore, mathematical physics is an incomplete description of the universe and has inherent limitations.

Life force can be drawn forth, accumulated and redirected towards people, events, biological conditions, but only within a moral framework, to do good or (unfortunately) evil. It does not respond to objects/targets that do not inspire good or (again unforntuantely) evil. It's effects can be discerned as accumulations of unlikely events (over time). In order to accumulate it and use you, you have to ask for specific guidance.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

How to find higher dimensions

The Flatlanders are complaining about all these wierd ideas about 3 dimensions of space. They want proof. So I think I'm going to tell them this:

The speed of light and all particle interactions dependent upon photons (E&M) are confined to their 2 dimensional plane. But gravity is caused by higher dimensional processes. They need to figure out some mathematical model or phenomena that includes both. They need to test it under two conditions. First, they need to test it in normal flat paper space. Second, they need to test this mathematical model or phenomena in wrinkled space. They need to find some place in their paper universe where it's wrinkled. When they compare the differences between the two either mathematical descriptions or phenoma, then they'll have to figure out what changed. That is the first step to find higher dimensions.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Underministic nature of consciousness

In my journey to explore UFO physics, I have set brain function and consciousness aside because the physical universe has been operating since before there were any observers (biological or otherwise). Personally, it would give me great joy to find a proof that consciousness has always existed or is a necessary ingredient to physics; it is something that I suspect but can't definitively prove. But the problem with starting with that assumption is that it opens the door to unlimited creativity which is good for happiness and fulfillment, but is bad for building mathematical physics models that require limitations and strict definitions to isolate mechanisms. I suspect that if consciousness exists independent of the brain (I believe it does), then it interacts with our physical universe through many different mechanisms, not just one isolatable mechanism. This would explain why skeptics always poo-poo metaphysical research; not because it doesn't exist, but because the interactions with the ion pumps (nerve cells, brain tissue)in people's brains cannot be isolated down to a single mechanistic event. Psychic flashes, when they really do occur, involve entire sections and networks in the brain. You can't just look at one firing nerve and find mathematical proof. Through all of our physical measurements and experimentation, which are like a common human scientific experience of repeatable events, we begin to see pieces of a larger objective reality. But if the larger objective reality includes biologically independent consciousness, then mathematics and logic may be the wrong approach. Physicists start with the assumption that everything in the objective physical reality is deterministic. But consciousness, whether or not it is independent of biological existence, is prone to un-repeatability.


I can always isolate a mechanism if I am willing to restrict the definition and its conditions.

In contrast,
I can always escape the limitations of my circumstances if I am willing to re-examine my definitions and apply alternative methods.

But without the ability to steer my thoughts, I will either crash upon the embankment of narrow-mindedness, or splash and sink into an ocean of ambiguity and nonsense.

Monday, February 9, 2009

A Time for Mind and a Time for Peace

Yesterday in church I received messages that were healing to me. I also saw the effects of, to put it vaguely to protect the privacy of others, God’s influence on people’s lives.

I have studied mathematics and physics at their deepest levels and I know that they are absolutely reliable, they never error and never fail. But as nourishment for spirituality, which is a practice that brings joy to my life, mathematics & physics are empty and void. Intellectual pursuits are useful and fun, but do not and cannot stand alone as something that can bring out the full richness of being alive.

The intellectual lifestyle demands evidence and proof of all things that are to be believed and therefore embraced. But as a sword will help you to prevail in battle, it must be sheathed in the company of friends; even the Shaolin monks must put aside their training for a time and find inner peace. When does one sit and lay still by the running brooks? In my mind’s eye of meditation, a Shaolin monk once told me, “Anything you can do in a frenzied way, I can do better with inner peace”.

The Biological Economy or Where has all the money gone?

If we could find the right metaphor, the right way to understand the economy, then we would all agree, we would know what to do. It is our relationship with the earth, what we plant, what we reap, and how we live healthy and live free as a civilization. You and I are the cells of a living organism, the human species. We rely upon the earth, but we also rely upon each other.

The problem with the economy is that there is a world wide recession. A recession is when the economy is going into shock; it turns cold, clammy and loses consciousness. Shock occurs when there is not enough blood reaching the cells and tissues of the body. Blood is money; money is the blood of the economy. Money is the transfer system that replaces bartering; it allows us to get what we need to survive. The US treasury serves a similar function as the spleen. The spleen produces hemoglobin and stores the excess; the US treasury prints money. There is a shortage of money out there. Where is the money? Why isn’t it circulating? Can we spend money into the economy, get the economy flowing, and then tax it out before inflation becomes a problem?

Money is just like blood, money flows throughout the economic organism. But they flow for different reasons; reasons that we need to pay close attention to. Money flow obeys the laws of Need and Greed. The healthy economy has both in well balanced amounts. Need and greed are why we find jobs, work hard, and think up ways to improve the economy…

The paradigm that the federal government has to balance its budget, and eventually pay off the debt, is faulty. Can you guess why? It’s not because they have superior fire power. The federal government, specifically Congress, has the constitutional authority to print money. You and I have to balance our budgets; state and local governments have to balance theirs. But the Constitutional responsibility to coin money and set its value is subject to a more abstract balance. The inflation rate must always be kept low enough that life savings of workers must not be wiped out. Simultaneously, there must be enough money flowing in the economy to sustain low unemployment. In the same way that your spleen produces and regulates the amount of hemoglobin in your bloodstream, so too must the US Treasury regulate the amount of money in the economy.

What do we have in common with cells of an organism? Cells serve some greater purpose to the whole organism of which they are apart; they manufacture proteins, provide protection, and other stuff. These same cells rely upon the blood stream which provides nutrients, oxygen, and removes waste products. In the same way, each of us serves some greater purpose to the whole of the economy. But we also rely upon

Let’s treat the economy like an electrical circuit. For some strange reason, the dollars that start out in our wallets - flow; it flows back to the banks and to the IRS. It flows to and from businesses and corporations. It also flows from those who are poor accumulators of wealth to those persons/organizations/banks/governments who are excellent accumulators. When banks are the primary suppliers of money by providing loans, they generally get back all of the money plus interest (except for what is lost). I don't think it makes sense to give the banks money because it shorts the circuit.

If the economy is like the human body, what do you do when blood is not reaching some part of the body? Either you clear the blockage, or that part of the body will die. If it's the brain, it's called a stroke, etc. The economy is the same way. If money is not being spent into the economy, then where is it? Is economic fear causing people not to spend? Are we all just nervous nannies creating our own financial problems? In the body, the spleen creates red blood cells and stores excess. Does this remind you of anything? US Treasury printing money? Banking system?

Socialism is a philosophical doctrine that seeks to (1) control the means of production and (2) create an egalitarian society where everybody is equal (even if their not). I’m not advocating control or egalitarianism. I’m also not advocating pure capitalism a.k.a. Laissez Faire economics. But wouldn’t it be better to use elements of both philosophies to create a self regulating economic system that can keep all of its elements, all of its “cells” alive and healthy? It is usually the callous, cold hearted economic Darwinists who are too comfortable with their own financial blessing who would say: if those lazy bums can’t make it on their own, then maybe they should fail and be out on the streets!! Ha ha ha, that means more money for me!!!! But this is where EVERYBODY gets confused.

Using the biological metaphor as a map to a more stable, yet highly adaptable, economy, the goal is to create financial health and abundance not just for most talented, not just for the most blessed, but for everyone. DON’T YOU LIBERALS AND CONSERVATITIVES slip back into your preconceived notions, your stale nineteenth century thinking that creeps out of its coffin like some undead Karl Marx or Herbert Hoover. Go bury your old socialism and incorrect beliefs about capitalism in the cemetery where they belong!!!!

Follow the money, see where it goes. Like hemoglobin that passes through the blood vessels carrying oxygen or co2. From your wallet to the store or the government, it moves like fluids in a circulatory system. Follow the money, as if it were passing through veins or capillaries that can shrink or expand to sustain the whole economic organism. Where there is health, then every cell, every member of the economic system serves its function and enjoys the fruits labor. Those who cannot contribute enough will experience some of the stresses, but they should not be dismissed, they should not be destroyed. We cannot dig a big hole and throw grandma in it because she can’t work. But is it too much to ask everyone who can contribute to give an honest days work? And what about those who want to enhance their skills, who want to go to school and serve the economic organism in some greater way? Kudos to them and kudos to the American people who see the need for educational funding.

We are already an economic organism. Much of what is needed has already been put into place. One of the biggest problems right now is the intense stress of keeping one’s job without enough ability to make the world economy better.

My point is that you cannot blindly leap towards the extremes of either socialism or Wall Street greed without becoming the virus, the very cancer that eats away and eventually kills the organism called the economy.

The Global Warming Debate

The melting of the polar caps is a sign that Global Warming is occurring. Given that we may have a manmade CO2 problem, there is a need to work towards a solution. But environmentalism is tricky to implement; there are so many ways it can be done wrong; there are pitfalls to its implementation that you need to know about. There are also win-win ways to implement environmentalism that are good for everyone.

Basically, any environmental idea that when implemented, add beauty, efficiency, enhances quality of life and/or solves other problems represents a desirable approach to environmentalism and the easing of global warming. But solutions that create stress, anxiety, waste time, money, and productivity, and hinder our lives should be avoided as mistakes we don’t want to make. In the extreme, a heavy-handed environmental dictatorship that murders millions of CO2 generators is a possible future. Consider yourself warned.

The solution I recommend is relatively easy to implement. It is a viable, low tech first approach that anyone can do to lower CO2 levels. It comes out of science and it’s called photosynthesis. Simply put: plant trees. Trees absorb CO2 and give us O2. All plant life acts as a sink to carbon dioxide and removes it from the air. So how many trees should we plant? Covering the whole earth with trees and forcing mankind back into the jungle would be too many trees. In contrast, an occasional plastic tree in an office building would be too few. We need to balance the world’s industrial output of CO2 with enough trees, forest, and plant life to sink out the excess CO2. With a Federal tax credit, small gardens in office building, malls and factories would not only remove CO2 from the air, but would enhance beauty and quality of life for onlookers. Another benefit would be to create new jobs for gardeners and laborers (tree planters).

There is another idea that could alleviate some of the need to cut down trees for paper. It is very technical and not yet cost effective. By using polystyrene spheres as computer controlled pixels on flexible yet durable “video paper”, the pages would fill a computer shaped like a book. A stencil would allow writing on the “video paper”; the processor would interpret and convert it to a text file. These “Intelligent Interactive Books” would ease the need for paper, pens and pencils by storing non critical information electronically. It would be larger than hand held blackberries, but smaller and lighter than laptops. Obviously, some needs still require paper.

To pursue a harmony with the environment, I would recommend a gentle nudge of economic incentives and a voluntary cultural shift. Don’t buy house plants if you don’t want to. But when you are ready and want to become closer to nature, than bask in its gentle embrace and find your center. Plant trees or create a garden if you want to.

But there is a great danger on the horizon that is poised to derail, entangle and draw into a quagmire any Environmental strategy that is launched with the unrestrained hand of the Federal government, and forced down the throats of Americans and other nations. The delicate weave of industry and jobs makes it possible to survive and prosper in an uncertain economy. But to bluntly pile on “carbon taxes”, ethanol substitution, and “cap-and-trade” paperwork is to tear and break the fibers that tether us little folks to our jobs. A carbon tax removes money from the profitability margin, but does not produce or improve anything of noticeable significance. The legal requirement to substitute ethanol, produced from corn, drives up food prices and inadvertently worsens starvation. “Cap-and-trade” forces the endless accounting of every last liter of CO2; it burdens industries with more legal requirements to follow, but adds neither productivity nor improvement to quality of life. If we’re not knee deep in melted glacial waters, then we’re knee deep in IRS paperwork; which is worse? We need to be careful that the solutions that we try do not produce unintended consequences that are worse than the problem. We do not want to cure a headache with a hammer.

What about those who don’t believe in man made Global Warming? If you have to threaten nations and/or American citizens with force to get them to plant trees, then maybe the lesser of two evils is to be knee deep in water because the polar caps melted and the ocean level rose. But the absence of bad weather does not improve the governance of a “save the world” tyranny too expedient to observe human rights and liberties.

What about deforestation of the rainforests? What about the expansion of human civilization? It would be a terrible mistake to force a reduction in human population, to “trim the herd”, in order to “Save the Earth”. To believe that Environmentalism requires the death and destruction of humanity is to unknowingly argue that Adolph Hitler was an Environmentalist who destroyed factories and eliminated 60 million CO2 breathers. If harmony with nature cannot be achieved compassionately, with our values of human and civil right intact, with our freedom and democratic values upheld, then either we will repeat the holocaust or we will be admonished by the earth. The need for new wisdom is at hand.

To all of you who think that humanity is a scourge, a plague or something that will perish from the earth, you are wrong and your error filled belief is hereby cast into the volcanic furnace of creation, incinerated. Mother Nature is two billion years old and has made no mistake. Allow me to let you in on a secret; humanity is the product of the Divine and the biological. Right now it may not look like a pretty picture, but human civilization is only seven thousand years old and is still being forged in the furnace of creation, its purified and perfected nature has not yet been fully realized.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Welcome to my blog Jason-mindbender

Welcome to my blog: Jason-mindbender. I have an interest in both technical and metaphysical topics. I am well versed in physics and mathematics with two bachelors degrees, one in physics and the other in electronics. While trying to understand the great mystery of life, I’ve studied quantum mechanics and some string theory. Philosophically, I am drawn to Theosophy.

Long has the war raged between the cold exacting nature of mathematics and the richness and magic of the mystical experience. I grew up with psychic and paranormal experiences which inspired me to want to know how the universe really worked. As it turns out, the predictive ability of physics is infallible down to the Heisenberg Uncertainty principle (∆x ∆p < h); finer measurements are not predictable and are considered random. I have begun to suspect that the ultimate physical reality has a mathematically structured skeleton with a “manifestation pathway” from a shadowy dimension of simultaneous possibilities to the final solid physical reality we experience.

I hope to share with you many stimulating technical, and possibly political, conversations intermixed with episodes of bizarre creativity.