Monday, February 9, 2009

A Time for Mind and a Time for Peace

Yesterday in church I received messages that were healing to me. I also saw the effects of, to put it vaguely to protect the privacy of others, God’s influence on people’s lives.

I have studied mathematics and physics at their deepest levels and I know that they are absolutely reliable, they never error and never fail. But as nourishment for spirituality, which is a practice that brings joy to my life, mathematics & physics are empty and void. Intellectual pursuits are useful and fun, but do not and cannot stand alone as something that can bring out the full richness of being alive.

The intellectual lifestyle demands evidence and proof of all things that are to be believed and therefore embraced. But as a sword will help you to prevail in battle, it must be sheathed in the company of friends; even the Shaolin monks must put aside their training for a time and find inner peace. When does one sit and lay still by the running brooks? In my mind’s eye of meditation, a Shaolin monk once told me, “Anything you can do in a frenzied way, I can do better with inner peace”.

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