Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Quantum Chess/Does God play Chess?

I've been scouring quantum mechanics for years now, trying to figure out how the paranormal/metaphysics ties into it. I think I've solved it.

In quantum mechanics, a quantum system can have eigenstates. An eigenstate is one of the states that the wave-particle will eventually fall into (for laypersons wondering what a "state" is, you can be in Texas or Oklamhoma, but not both at the same time). The probabilities are determined by the potential energy distribution that the particle-wave is subjected to. Perhaps a quantum system will have a 50/50 chance of falling into either state A or state B. Einstein insisted that God does not play dice. But he created a universe that will pick one of these states at random; at least while God is not directly intervening.

Now God is All Powerful, but God also doesn't want to disturb or damage his universe by forcing what he wants. It took him six days to build the universe (which is more like 13.7billion years to us). So here is how God built the Quantum Mechanics. He used chess as a model. In chess, you and your opponents pieces are set up. To win (or get what you want), you make choices. In quantum mechanics, the pieces are particle-waves that will move to state A or state B with random chance. The universe throws dice automatically (until God wants to intervene). To avoid disrupting the game by forcing it or moving pieces illegally, God overrides the "dice" where he needs to, and makes the decision of state A or state B himself. He does this in an intelligent (divinely intelligent) way to influence the outcome of events.

Your life can be thought of as a QM system in the following way. You want something. You make choices. Choices are like the eigenstates in QM. Some choices are better than others based on logical inspection of the situation (which also makes your life like chess). If you are at the store and you make eye contact with someone, you have the choice to say hello (state A ) or say goodbye (state B). Your choice is based on both logic and emotion. Logic is always (usually) well defined; the choices are clear. Emotions are often fluid an changing; they depend upon how we feel, our beliefs, our perception of pleasure/pain (and what tactical steps will bring you there). You will choose accordingly.

If you are an athiest/agnostic (which I have been), you will choose based on logic and whatever disordered emotions you have. At the quantum mechanics level, all quantum mechanics events are chosen randomly by "dice". However, if you link your life with God, your beliefs and world view change accordingly. Also, divine powers my intervene/override the "quantum dice" on your behalf.

Situations are the interplay of decisions between you and other people (like Chess) . When trouble happens, athiests and agnostics hunker down and become very pessimistic in their outlook; they imagine worst case scenarios and become very unhappy people. They make decisions accordingly. When spiritual people have trouble, they often asks for help (often from God). So what does God do? God has options. He can manipulate the Quantum Mechanics by overriding the selection of eigenstates (which are potential thermodynamic violations). Resurrection would qualify as a violation of thermodynamics. God can also direct aid to those in need from people who are both servants of God/good and instinctively aware of the subtle signals.

Occult influences, which are manifestations of God's life force, will also act within the same restrictions of the laws of physics. This is why some people can sense and experience supernatural events and the paranormal, but skeptics will always call in random chance and think up doubts.

The life force of God is always radiating out from God to all living creatures (good/bad/non sentient). This "life force" operates with relative freedom withing sentient creatures. But it cannot violate the laws of physics in an unrestricted way. In physics, there are conservation laws including conservation of energy, momentum, charge, spin, baryon number, etc. However, the Uncertainty principle, quantum mechanics, and the probabilistic nature of thermodynamic, and the willingness of believer can allow this life force to manifest in the physical as miracles, occult phenomenon, etc. When the "event" cannot be distinguished as unusual, its benefit can be enjoyed with readily available amounts of God's "life force". The more spectacular the phenomenom or event is, the more "life force" is needed. This "life force" cannot be measured by physical means using mass/charge/length/spin/momentum/etc. Phenomena and miracles are incompatible with mathematical physics because these techniques are designed to exclude it. Therefore, mathematical physics is an incomplete description of the universe and has inherent limitations.

Life force can be drawn forth, accumulated and redirected towards people, events, biological conditions, but only within a moral framework, to do good or (unfortunately) evil. It does not respond to objects/targets that do not inspire good or (again unforntuantely) evil. It's effects can be discerned as accumulations of unlikely events (over time). In order to accumulate it and use you, you have to ask for specific guidance.

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